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Why print on bags?

Would you like to transfer the image of the organisation to your target group? Do you have a marketing goal to communicate a lasting message (top of mind), but you don’t know exactly how? Then we have an idea for you. Use bags with printing to convey your message. Depending on the target group (business […]

Choose the look that suits you

Would you like a personalised promotional product, but do not have any idea which printing technique is most suitable? In this blog I give you a concise explanation of the most popular printing techniques at Leoprinting and visualize them through accompanying images. Debossing Also called blind debossing, embossing, gravure or hot stamp. No ink, varnish […]

The History of the colour Blue

Colour on our utensils, it is now so obvious. We do not think about the fact that colours have been developed in one way or another and have been applied by means of manufactured pigments. The fact that giving something a colour is not so obvious is evident from the history of the colour blue. […]

Posters, art of the street

Alois Senefelder, a Bavarian graphic artist discovered stone printing and lithography in 1798. He brings the world the ultimate technology for printing images quickly, massively and economically. From 1837 onwards, this can also be done in colour. This created the poster. In the UK but also internationally until about 15 years ago, it is still an […]