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Why print on bags?

Would you like to transfer the image of the organisation to your target group? Do you have a marketing goal to communicate a lasting message (top of mind), but you don’t know exactly how? Then we have an idea for you. Use bags with printing to convey your message. Depending on the target group (business and consumer) and the message, deploying bags offers the organisation a very efficient way to communicate the message. In addition, it offers a suitable bag for every budget.


Show the image of your company.

For the image of an organisation, it is important that what the organisation wants to radiate is actually is seen by customers! Bags offers your organisation the opportunity to convey the image that you stand for as an organisation. Does your organisation stand for eco-friendly? Then choose environmentally friendly bags. Does your organisation stand for reliable and sustainable? Then choose a cotton bag with the colour blue for a reliable look. Take ASN Bank, for example, they use a cotton bag with their logo and a customised message for each event at events. Compare it to buying a book. Your first look at the cover of the book and then browse through the book. The bag is like a book cover. Your target audience immediately creates the first impression as soon as they see the bag.

Bags are very practical.

People like to receive practical gifts. Bags are very practical because they can be used for many occasions. Bags are often used several times, sometimes they even last for years. Who doesn’t have that one bag stuffed with other bags? As soon as the bag is used, your brand is visible to everyone who walks by. People unconsciously store your brand in their head when they see it multiple times.


The choice is huge.

There are so many different types of bags to choose from. So many different types of material that the bags are made of, different shapes, different handles, but also different functions such as anti-theft bags, charging options in the bags or water-resistant, and so on. If you have a budget in addition to your marketing objective, there will always be a bag that falls in there. You can perfectly match the bags to your target group.

As soon as a company wants to start using promotional products, products are searched for that are in line with their strategy. For example, at a company such as ASN bank, a power bank that is charged by solar cells in the bag would perfectly match their message for nature conservation, facilitating mobile accessibility and influencing the climate as a positive contribution to their strategy.

What makes bags so ideal is that they are not tied to a sector or a specific strategy. This makes bags one of the most popular promotional products. If you have a specific goal in mind but you don’t know how the bag can contribute to achieving the goal? Contact us and we will discuss the options together.

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