It's just a feeling!

  • Printed with your logo
  • Customized paper belly band
  • Document bag, elastic closure and ribbon bookmark
Moods notebooks are from the product line of the same named brand Moods. A contemporary brand with Lifestyle & Accessories. Moods is for travel, love, business, friendships or simply a creative mood...


Tell the story of your company and giving your customer the experience. Share it in a Storybook. Story it in text, image and illustrations. Create content that convinces and inspires. Make customers fans of your business! Create added value with a Moods® Storybook as a promotional gift.  

Make customers fans of your company 

Moods Storybook is the way to give your company or product meaning to your target group. By telling stories you can involve and fascinate people. Moods Storybook offers the perfect solution, for example, introducing a new product, but also discussing a complicated but important message. It is best to illustrate these messages generously. 


This makes it recognizable and relevant, creating fans from your customers. In addition, it offers a good opportunity to tell and communicate the vision of the company. A good story recorded in a book gives added value to your brand or product. 

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Do you have idea for a nice book? Let’s discuss your options. Can you deliver a ready-made design? If this is not possible for you, then the studio of Leoprinting is ready to help you and to achieve the best result. We help you with graphic design, but also editorial by creating illustrations, photography and texts. If you are looking for inspiration for a beautiful project, look at our project pages for books that we have created for our clients. Or contact our advisors directly.