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Score with Sustainability

Score with Sustainability

German Bundesliga football club Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG tries to make a statement both inside and outside the football pitch. Outside the lines, they do so with the Eintracht Greenkeeper collection, which consists of selected high-quality, stylish clothing and other merchandising items. 

The clothing line is made of certified Fair-Trade cotton and especially designed for Frankfurt men, women and children for whom, in addition to loyalty to the club, quality, sustainability, environmental protection and fair trade are also important. In cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt we have produced sustainable clothing labels made from coffee paper, these sustainable labels are applied to the new Eintracht Greenkeeper collection and are available both online and in the fan shop. 

The innovative labels are made from agro-industrial coffee waste and attached to the clothing with a natural jute cord including a safety pin. This way, Eintracht Frankfurt scores with a sustainable collection.