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Lois Jeans

Lois Jeans

"Sexy and iconic, Lois Jeans is a brand with Spanish temperament. Born in 1962, in the heart of the dance floor, our jeans know how to move."

Founded in Spain in 1962, they were the first European fashion jeans brand to take the world by storm. Lois Jeans flourished in the 70s and 80s, when their iconic fits and flares were worn by influential fashion icons and musicians. Before they knew it, they were everywhere on the dance floor. Among other great jeans brands of the time, Lois brought something new, a sexy and fashionable pair of jeans.

Together with Lois Jeans, we have developed several innovative shipping solutions for their special collaboration with the American magazine V. This sustainable collection of 8 jeans are featured on the covers of the magazine V and are packaged for sale in various luxury packaging and finished with a label for the finishing touch.