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The Performer’s Planner

The Performer’s Planner

In collaboration with professional dancer, singer and model Hannah Hartland we designed and developed this amazing Performer's Planner. During the lockdown she wanted to remain busy and creative whilst her industry was on hold. She started looking for gaps and tools that her industry lacked. This is when her idea sparked and she started creating the Performer’s Planner.   

The Performer’s Planner is a planner especially made for all sorts of performers to help them set goals, stay on track and work towards them every day whilst practicing daily mindfulness. The planner has pages for auditions to help you prepare and reflect, pages to write details about casting directors and agents or companies to keep with you were ever you go.  

“Thank you Leoprinting for bringing my work to life! They are sleek and exactly what I had imaged while designing in my bedroom during the pandemic. SO happy!”