Promotional products make your brand stronger

Are you looking for an efficient advertising medium? Through personalised promotional products you have endless possibilities and guaranteed success! Did you know, for example, that promotional products reach more people than radio and TV? Promotional material remains a powerful advertising medium for companies, according to research. In addition to being the ideal advertising medium for customers, business relations and staff, they are often also useful through their use. 

Highest visibility

Promotional items reach 89% of the population aged 14 or over on an average day - more than radio (78%), TV (71%) and newspapers (67%).


The reminder of a brand or company name is twice as often via promotional items (70%) than advertising via radio (29%) and TV (26%).

Used daily

A promotional item is used on average once a day. Statistically, this means that the message reaches the recipients on a daily basis.

Long-term effect

84% of the promotional items have been in the possession of the recipient for more than half a year, after 2 years this is even 40%.

Positive memories

Recognition of advertising is doubled (from 36% to 76% recognition) by four aspects: attractiveness, quality, originality and printing.

Second live

More than three-quarters of all promotional materials are given a sustainable second life through charities and recycling companies.

Source: ‘Advertising impact of promotional items’ voor GWW - werbeartikel - monitor 2019.

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