Welcome packs and Onboarding boxes

Would you like to welcome new employees to your company in an original way? A welcome package for new colleagues makes a new job even more fun. At Leoprinting, you can compose your own welcome package. Together, we will make employees' first working day a great success!

Turn employees into ambassadors of your brand

Do you want to make a good impression on your new employee? Welcome packages are an efficient way to put new colleagues in the spotlight. Express your appreciation and confirm a new employee in the choice for your company. We promise you: with a welcome package, you immediately give away your business card as an employer. And your new employees? They feel genuinely welcome and will become ambassadors of your company from day one. In a highly competitive market for new talent and good staff, you can make a difference with a welcome package. Because before you know it, you will see your unique welcome package popping up on social media. And who wouldn't want to work for such a great company? 

Onboarding packages for a smooth start

Of course, welcome packages are lovely to get and to give, but these packages are often much more than just a box full of goodies. This piece of company loyalty is also called an onboarding package. Onboarding packages are handy and fun sets that help employees get off to a flying start in their career with your company. In addition to practical products, such as a printed notebook, the company laptop, pens with your company's logo, a sustainable water bottle, and other daily-use items, you can also include things like your company's mission and vision in the package. And what about HR documents, handy facts about declarations and vacations, or an overview of the best cafés and cafeterias near the office. Before you know it, your new employee will feel right at home.

A happy employee is worth their weight in gold

Did you know that good onboarding significantly impacts the employee happiness of new colleagues? One in three employees looks around within a year. And especially now that filling vacancies takes up a lot of time, energy and costs, retaining staff has become even more critical. So dedicate time and energy in training your new employee and invest with welcome packages for newcomers in a happy workplace and cohesive, engaged teams. Chances are you will steal the show with welcome packages, and your company will be known as a friendly, engaged, and attractive workplace in no time. The HR department will thank you! 


What products do you put in welcome packages? 

It goes without saying that welcome packages are primarily intended to provide new employees with all the 'tools' they need right on the first day of work, so they can start their new adventure well-prepared and in style.

In addition to a carefully compiled collection of printed office supplies, many employers also use this opportunity to share the company's mission, vision, and values - and of course, original giveaways that are useful at work and home. For example, Prenatal surprises new colleagues with a generously filled welcome package on the theme of sport, leisure, and health.

Advise me on this

Create a welcome package for new employees

Would you like to treat your new colleagues to a welcome package with essential, fun giveaways and business gifts? The committed promotional specialists at Leoprinting will be happy to give you specific advice. Based on your wishes and your company, we put together an extensive selection of fun products, with which you are guaranteed to make an excellent first impression. In addition to a wide range of unique and printed business gifts, we also offer various options for the packaging and mailing welcome packages. Think, for example, of a luxury gift box printed with a personal message or handy cotton bags for everyday use. Show your best side with Leoprinting and make the first day of new employees extra special!

We strengthen your brand.

Turn your employees into ambassadors.

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Project Prénatal

Working at Prénatal should be a warm experience. That is why new employees are surprised with a special welcome package. 

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