Sustainable Gifts

Blossombs in sleeve (1 seed bomb)
  • From 250 pcs.
  • With organic wild flower seeds
Blossombs in sleeve (3 seed bombs)
  • From 250 pcs.
  • With organic wild flower seeds
Blossombs in sleeve (2 seed bombs)
  • From 250 pcs.
  • With organic wild flower seeds
Blossombs in Gift Box (4 seed bombs)
  • From 250 pcs.
  • With organic wild flower seeds
Seed Paper with individual prints
  • From 100 pcs.
  • Such as personal names or codes
Seed Paper Christmas Cards
  • From 100 pcs.
  • With seeds of your choice
Personalised Seed Paper - A5 Cards
  • From 100 pcs.
  • Tip: Christmas Cards!
Seed Paper Sample
  • From 1 pcs.
  • Amount refunded after order
  • Can be ordered directly
A5 Cork Notebook with Bamboo Pen
  • From 50 pcs.
  • Including Gift Box
A5 Eco Cork Notebooks
  • From 50 pcs.
  • 4 different color combinations
Personalised Bamboo Chopping Boards
  • From 25 pcs.
  • With slightly bevelled edges
A5 Recycled Leather Notebooks
  • From 50 pcs.
  • 2 different colours
Bamboo wireless earbuds
  • From 50 pcs.
  • Includes 3 size ear tips

Other information

A better environment starts with you and your company. Do you want to emphasise how sustainable corporate responsibility isn’t any longer an exception but the common way of doing business? Sustainable gifts, giveaways and promotional products are exactly the durable calling card to use for making a clear and lasting social statement. Discover the extensive and most of all sustainable product range of Leoprinting and opt for a giveaway or promotional gift with a clear, conscious message.
Handy eco-friendly pens, the successful and wildly popular Dopper drinking bottles or a wide variety of office supplies made from cork; for all your day-to-day business activities – inside the office and on the road – we’ve developed a sustainable alternative. In the process of developing these products the world around us is taken into account from start to finish. Provide these sustainable gifts with your logo, advertisement or slogan and go for green. Are you curious about how we work on your sustainable promotion? Take a look at our success stories and discover how we take good care of your staff, business relations, visitors and especially the environment. Get inspired!
Nowadays you’ll find office supplies for everyday use with the smallest possible carbon footprint in almost any working environment. And that’s just the start. Because every day new products are added to the ever-growing sustainable progression. Never want to end up with an empty battery again when having an important conversation? Thanks to solar chargers there’s no need to be nervous. You’re no longer dependent on power outlets. These sustainable gifts can be used everywhere you go, because the power of the sun keeps you online all the time – in the car, in the office or in the train. How’s that for a welcoming gift?
Do you want a new partnership to really flourish and grow together? Personalised growing paper, made out of 100% biodegradable materials, is a colourful and surprising way to grab all the attention. Biodegradable growing paper, also known as seed paper, consists of two thin layers of paper with (flower) seeds in between. After reading your message, flyer or card, the paper can be planted and literally blossoms in four simple steps. In addition to putting paper to more than one use, we also make the most out of bamboo and sustainable gifts such as durable cotton bags. Request a free quote today and start making sustainability your core-business.

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