Custom Made Packaging

Are you looking for impressive packaging that fully reflects your wishes and objectives, or are you not yet sure exactly what your packaging should look like? We develop every type of packaging, distinctive and unique and can be fully customised.

Advice from our Packaging Specialist

Together with our Packaging Engineer, we take your product to a higher level and let us surprise the recipient with a unique experience. You will be completely unburdened during the entire process. Thanks to many years of experience, we have in-depth and broad knowledge of packaging, and we are also aware of the latest trends and developments in the field of cardboard presentation solutions. 

Special folding directions, different materials, luxurious finishes, or an inlay for the content? Thanks to the many projects that we have already realized with tailor-made packaging, we can fulfil every wish.


Protect, inform and present

It is important to find out what the purpose of the packaging is. In addition to the type of packaging such as gift, shipping or folding packaging, the appearance is an important element. From modern magnetic boxes with an inlay, shipping solutions to protect products or folding boxes with detailed information for the pharmaceutical or food industry. Leoprinting can develop any type of packaging.

Our working method: from idea to packaging

From idea to packaging. After we have mapped the wishes and needs of your ideal packaging; various proposals are developed. Our Packaging Specialist provides advice on materials and printing techniques and supports you in the field of graphic support. 

We listen to the wishes and appearance that the packaging should have. Would you like to know more, or would you like to discuss further with our Packaging Specialist? Then please do not hesitate to contact us!.

Sustainable trends for presentation solutions

The idea of ​​sustainability with packaging is becoming increasingly common. One of the trends in this field is Design for reuse or developing sustainable packaging that gets a second life.

Modern packaging therefore often uses Shift to mono-materials, the prevention of plastic materials such as windows or integrated handles.

In addition, packaging made from recycled materials such as plain and pure brown kraft paper, with a minimalist print is increasingly the standard. Due to printed labels and association with sustainability, consumers are prepared to pay an extra amount for this if this type of packaging can be regarded as a gift packaging. In many cases, this packaging is reused, for example to give away a present yourself.


Personal advice

Need help with a request, order or do you have another question? Get in touch with us!

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