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Plastic bags are disappearing from our streets. Good riddance. There’s no place in the sustainable world we’re creating for these large-scale pollutants. Besides, nowadays there are loads of handy and responsible alternatives at hand. Take the paper bag, for example. These advertisers are on the rise, not in the last place because of the unlimited promotional opportunities the bags offer. Do you want to use personalised and printed paper bags for your store or event? That’s an errand we’d love to run for you.
A busy shopping street, full of satisfied and happy customers who are flaunting with the logo of your store, or rounding of a successful event with a well-stocked goodie-bag. Paper bags are a suitable answer to the growing plastic soup for various purposes. Not only do they bolster an environmental friendly character, printed paper bags have more advantages. The material offers virtually every promotional opportunity for spreading your message. Whatever your design, slogan or company logo looks like, personalised paper bags always get your message across the right way. Send us your files or artwork today and we’ll make a free digital design of your promotional product.
Our range offers a wide variety of paper bags. There’s the affordable standard bag with a flat handle or you can opt for a basic version with a twisted cord – the ideal solution for fairs and events. Is your product or giveaway requiring a stronger bag with more capacity? Our paper bags with cotton cords and reinforced base can carry up to eight kilos. Would you like more information on printed paper bags or are you curious to see how our designers translate your corporate identity into a fantastic design? Request your free quote or contact us and discover all the promotional possibilities on offer.
Are paper bags with print just not up to the job in your line of work? In addition to printed paper bags, Leoprinting also offers cotton bags, shoppers and sustainable eco-friendly bags. These strong, reusable bags always come in handy and last for years. Just like your corporate promotion! Discover our range of bags and find the carrier that suits your company or product. And hold on: almost anything is possible when it comes to advertising your brand. Get in touch, we would love to know how we can help you spread your sustainable message.

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