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Weleda #getgreenfingers

Weleda #getgreenfingers

For 100 years, Weleda has been developing natural and organic cosmetics that take into account the deep bond between men and nature. From hygiene to facial care and food supplements, Weleda products are used for the whole family.

In collaboration with Weleda we developed Seed Paper cards full of summer flowers for their “ Get Green Fingers” campaign. While celebrating 100 years of working in harmony with nature to create a range of authentically natural beauty and wellbeing products. Weleda is on a mission to support the biodiversity on our planet.

The seed paper cards are made from recycled cotton fibres and summer flower seeds. The ink on the cards is also vegetable so it’s non-toxic and fine to plant anywhere. Every online customer who purchases off their website got a free Seed Paper card to plant, to encourage us all to get green fingers.