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Now that our society is constantly changing, you as a company want to do everything to protect your personnel. In the 1.5-meter company, wearing face masks is no longer an exception, but of general interest. For yourself and the people around you. In public transport, in the supermarket and at work. At Leoprinting you can buy mouth masks and you will find various other products to make your workplace corona-proof. Take care of each other.
The hygienic, medical and self-filtering mouth caps from our range meet all international standards and certification standards and are available directly from stock. The mouth guard is suitable for both professional and general use and made of non-irritating and breathable material. Of course you can also buy Face masks and have them printed with your logo or company name. For this we recommend the reusable microfiber masks. These masks can be worn over a mask and can be printed with a (company) logo or all-over design. It is important to know that these mouth masks do not have a protective effect, if you use these products in combination with a medical or certified mouth mask.
Do you want to protect your staff, visitors, contacts or customers with face masks? At Leoprinting you can buy unprinted mouth masks at a competitive price (per 50 units). We offer mouth protection according to different standards. The EN149 Face Masks, made of breathable and non-irritating material, protect against the exhalation of particles and are suitable for general (single) use. Another way to protect the face from germs and bacteria is to wear a Protective Face Shield, also known as a splash mask. Please note: the face shield offers partial protection. The mask is easy to combine with Face masks.
We supply Surgical Masks that are suitable for use in this sector especially for healthcare and health professionals. The mouth protection according to the FFP2, KN95, N95 and EN14683 standards is intended, among other things, for workplaces and environments where extra protection is required. Do you opt for more safety and a healthy workplace and do you want to buy certified mouth masks? In the product descriptions you can read all information about how these products work. Do you have additional questions about mouth masks or how we can make your company corona-proof? Please contact us for more information and appropriate advice.

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